Land & Title

Stay Organized to Drive Better Decisions

Your oil & gas portfolio is built on a foundation of land documents. Timely access to accurate data is key to your success. MineralSoft’s software and services ensure your team always has access to well-organized, accessible, and accurate land records.

Benefits & Features

Centralize Land Data Management

Automatically import all your deeds, leases, division orders, and well files for properties and prospects, enabling centralized management of sensitive land information securely in the cloud.

See Everything in One Place

Ensure every land record is linked to a deal, tract, lease, and well for instant access to all associated files. Live data feeds give you up-to-date status on every property in your portfolio.

Improve Daily Decision Making

MineralSoft enhances collaboration and improves decisions by giving your entire team instant access to the land files and data they need, from any device, in the office or on the go.

Verify Ownership Records and Decimals

Tap MineralSoft’s land and legal expertise pre- or post-acquisition to perform the due diligence required to analyze even the most complex assets.


Stay ahead of the competition by giving your team instant access to linked deeds, tracts, leases, wells, and division orders, all stored securely in a cloud-based data warehouse.

Key Features

Bulk import oil & gas documents or upload individual files. Classify land records by tract, lease, well and other meta data to build a digital filing cabinet complete with real-time asset data. Search across all your land records, instantly.

Supported Workflows

From A&D to revenue auditing, MineralSoft delivers comprehensive document management tools to store, curate, and archive all the valuable information your organization relies on.

Data Integrations

Our Drillinginfo data integration gives you instant access to oil & gas production volumes, well status, and permit details alongside your well and land documents.

Who Benefits?

Your entire team benefits from secure access to reliable land data. And by eliminating multiple versions of the truth, MineralSoft reduces risks and boosts efficiency.


Up to 20% of all leases contain errors, putting your non-op assets and income at risk. That’s why we offer turnkey division order verification and land data management.

Professional Services

We scan, load, and QC all your land records, flag lease previsions, and keep your land system up-to-date. Plus, our land team will verify mineral ownership to ensure complete accuracy.

Our Process

Leverage our data onboarding and implementation services to fast track your MineralSoft software setup and track new acquisitions. Or, outsource your data management completely to keep your team focused on deploying capital.

Technology Advantage

Our data managers leverage MineralSoft’s data integrations and platform technology to load, QC, and validate land records as needed or as an outsourced managed service.

Business Value

Our data management service optimizes data integrity and fidelity. By flagging business critical lease previsions, we help your organization ensure compliance and avoid dropped leases.

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