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What MineralSoft Customers are Saying

“Using MineralSoft’s revenue services has not only streamlined our revenue process, but also, it has allowed our company a more accurate and transparent view of our portfolio. Specifically, the relationship between OilDex and MineralSoft has cut down on time and money spent on processing our monthly revenue statements.”

Kelli McQuestenLand SupervisorFranco Nevada

“MineralSoft has enabled our company to analyze our income and capture missing revenue across our portfolio. This program has paid for itself through both data capture savings and revenue evaluation opportunities.”

Dan ThacherAsset ManagerDesert Royalty Company

“I quickly saw the benefits of having all of our revenue check detail available within MineralSoft where I can run detailed reports. This saves me from entering the detailed information into my Accounting Software that would take hours instead of minutes or force me to add additional staff. Using MineralSoft’s Managed Revenue Service saves me time which saves me money.”

Kathy MyersVP of AccountingArkose Petroleum

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