Secure, organized, and comprehensive to keep you in control.
Make sure you're getting paid correctly.
Audit & Monitoring
Verify prices and volumes you’ve been paid on, and compare them directly to what operating companies have reported to the state. Make sure your decimals are always accurate and in line with your division orders. Get automatic alerts on post-production deductions that should not be allowed under your cost-free leases.
Revenue Recovery
Track down missing payments across your portfolio by uncovering missing wells, missed checks, and funds in suspense. Automate the portfolio review process and focus on your most critical issues. MineralSoft's customizable alerts and reports help you get every dollar you're owed.
Be efficient, organized, and worry-free.
No need to manually enter data line by line. With MineralSoft, you can seamlessly integrate your land documents and revenue data and let us do the hard work. Our automated data processing can save you hours of time each month and reduce overhead.
MineralSoft's workflow tools make it simple to manage a mineral portfolio of any size. Easily track projects among land, acquisitions, revenue, accounting, and engineering. Simplify and streamline the most important tasks you perform regularly.
Get the right information at your fingertips.
Document Management
Managing minerals can mean dealing with a mountain of paperwork. With MineralSoft, you can digitize, organize, and securely store and back up all of your important documents in one place. No more digging through filing cabinets – MineralSoft lets you access your important documents from anywhere in the world, on any device.
Analytics & Reporting
When it comes to making the best decisions about your oil & gas portfolio, having the right data is critical. MineralSoft helps you leverage big data to generate valuable insights about your portfolio – transforming piles of paperwork into your most valuable asset. We integrate important insights about your portfolio with comprehensive data about what’s going on around you to help you answer your most important business questions.