Secure, Reliable, & Confidential

MineralSoft takes your privacy very seriously. Our platform is built to the highest standards of security and reliability – MineralSoft’s infrastructure is designed and managed in compliance with the latest data security standards, including SOC 1/SSAE 16/ISAE 3402. We will never share your personal information with anyone.

Document Management

Overwhelmed with filing cabinets full of documents that are nearly impossible to comprehend? Imagine all your important documents: organized, available, and securely backed up.

We make it simple to keep track of all the documents related to your mineral interests. Upload anything: your chain of title, a single source deed, a will, complete estate proceedings, leases, division orders, or complete title opinions.

MineralSoft not only helps you digitize, store, and access all of your documents, but maintains associations among deeds, leases, division orders, and check stubs so that your files can be easily searched, shared, and analyzed for years to come.

And if you need to track down copies of your deeds or leases, our land team can help with that, too.

Data Entry & Automation

Tired of hand keying check stub statements every month? We can automate that. MineralSoft accurately and efficiently captures all your important data as it comes in, so your account stays up to date. Our system is flexible enough to capture your data no matter the format: paper statements, digital files, or CDEX.


Are you getting paid correctly? It’s a simple question, but answering it can get complicated. MineralSoft’s proprietary technology can help uncover underpayments that might be buried deep within your portfolio. Our automated system tracks:

Ownership interests
Wells and payments
Production volumes
Product pricing
Statement calculations
Tax withholding

Our team can help you dig in for deep analysis or a full audit of your mineral portfolio. Wonder where the decimals in your division orders come from? Concerned about compliance with all the terms in your lease? Need to recover funds in suspense? Ask us for a free consultation.

Accounting & Analytics

Track your portfolio performance at a glance using MineralSoft’s intuitive charts, graphs, and dashboards. Output your data into an Excel spreadsheet or formatted PDF with our powerful and user-friendly report generator. Still trying to find check stubs to reconcile your production 1099s? MineralSoft lets you view revenue by operator or individual well, and calculates both gross and net revenues over any time frame that you specify – all at the click of a button.


Our land team can help you acquire any deeds or leases you might be missing, and get all your important documents organized on the MineralSoft platform.

In addition, we have the resources to help you get the most from your assets – from negotiating new leases to marketing unleased acreage, our experienced professionals are here to help with any challenges you might face.

Valuation & Income Projections

Is the offer you received for your minerals reasonable? What are you going to make in royalty income next year? MineralSoft’s projection algorithms leverage years of historical data and decline curves to give you more insight into the value of your assets.

Whether you are an individual trying to evaluate a transaction, or an institution in need of cash flow projections and portfolio valuation services, MineralSoft has the tools to help.

Consulting & Advisory

From data cleanup and management, to audit and document review, to transaction support and assistance, MineralSoft’s proprietary technology and experienced team can help. Contact us to learn more about how we can assist in your situation.