Whether you manage a few acres or thousands of wells, MineralSoft keeps you organized and in control across your portfolio.
MineralSoft and Drillinginfo launch exclusive integration for mineral management!
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Our software automates mineral management with features that are easy to use and help you solve your most pressing problems.
How can I stay organized?
"We save countless hours each month using MineralSoft. There's no tool like it for acquiring and managing minerals at scale. It has revolutionized the way we approach portfolio management."
Ken Willey, Founder of GRP Energy
Did I get paid correctly?
"MineralSoft has enabled our company to analyze our income and capture missing revenue across our portfolio. This program has paid for itself through both data capture savings and revenue evaluation opportunities."
Dan Thacher, Asset Manager at Desert Royalty Company
With MineralSoft, you will operate efficiently and maximize value — armed with the data to make smarter decisions across your portfolio.
Get organized and stay ahead of the competition.
Automatically import all of your documents and store them securely in one place. Access everything – anytime, on any device, from anywhere in the world.
Dig in with advanced analytics and reporting. Track revenue, expenses, volumes, and ROI by well, tract, lease, and acquisition.
Receive alerts about nearby activity and tasks that need your attention. Stay informed about opportunities across your portfolio.
Universal integrations to eliminate manual data entry.
Automatically process documents to stay organized and efficient.
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